8 Suggestions When Facing A Financial Emergency

8 Suggestions When Facing A Financial Emergency

8 Suggestions When Facing A Financial Emergency

Most of us find ourselves in a tight spot financially now and then. It can make things very difficult. Dental emergency, car trouble, flooded basement. Just because it wasn’t expected doesn’t mean we don’t have to pay for it.

Trying to come up with cash in a hurry can be tricky. Some of us might have bad credit or no one to turn to for financial support. Here are a few ideas for getting a little extra money when you need it.

Ways to Get Cash Fast

Possible options for adding some additional capital in a hurry.

Family & Friends

If there is someone close to you that you can ask for a loan, it might be worth asking them. Family is often a good choice as they may not charge interest and it will not affect your credit.

Friends may also be a viable option. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it could risk and possibly damage the friendship.

Sell Something

If you have something that you can sell, it should absolutely be considered in this situation. Especially if the item is something you don’t use or can go without. This could be furniture, electronics, artwork, bikes, vehicles, and jewelry just to name a few.

Pawn Something

You can get fast cash at a pawn shop and that way, you don’t have to part with your items forever. They take jewelry, watches, musical instruments, electronics, and even vehicles like cars or motorbikes. The item can then be recovered after paying the loan back.

Extra Work

Check local job boards for one-off jobs or a part-time job that you can do. There might even be a few where you can get paid cash at the end of the day. Online job boards can be very helpful in this situation.

Home Equity

If you have a mortgage, you may be able to get an advance or a loan on the equity you have accrued in your home. Rates are very low right now so it could be a good time for this as well.

Advance at Work

You can ask your boss or manager if you can get a payroll advance on your next paycheck. Some companies do have policies against this, so you’ll have to make sure it’s allowed first.

Credit Card Advance

If you are really in a bind, you can get a cash advance on your credit card or use the credit card to pay for the emergency. Keep in mind that the interest will accrue and build if it’s not paid back in a timely fashion.

Short Term Loan

You may be eligible for a small personal loan for your emergency. This could come from your bank or from a payday lender. If you choose to go to a payday lender, there are a few options there, as well.

You can apply online for a loan and you will find out right away if you are eligible. If you are, they will send the money to your account that day or the next day. We do recommend a state licensed lender to ensure you get the best rates and a qualified lender.

You can also go into a storefront location to apply as well. Find a location close to you and take in all the necessary information required with you. That way, if approved, you receive the cash in your hands right away.

Lending Bear offers several different ways you can get money. They offer payday loans, which are an easy way to get cash without a credit check. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have good credit either.

Pawn loans are a cash advance on an item or items you own of value. This can include musical instruments, jewelry, watches and antiques.

You can also receive a loan on your vehicle without having to give up your car. You get to keep the car and you get the cash. Contact Lending Bear today if you are facing a financial emergency either online or in-person to get your loan application started today. Cash when you need it, fast and friendly!