Poor Credit? Here's How You Can Still Get A Loan

Poor Credit? Here’s How You Can Still Get A Loan

Poor Credit? Here’s How You Can Still Get A Loan

Do you have poor credit and need to work your way out of a financial sinkhole? This is a common problem all across America, but fortunately there is still a way to obtain loans AND improve your credit simultaneously.

There are actually multiple ways when you work with Lending Bear. Here, we’ll show you how it’s done.

What NOT to do with Poor Credit

Believe it or not, you can get a short-term loan with poor credit. However, before we demonstrate that, let’s take a quick glance at what not to do with poor or non-existent credit.

You should never resort to grabbing a credit card with an exorbitant interest rate, and plenty of incentives to miss payments. This is how so many Americans get into trouble in the first place. It’s such a staggering problem that this country’s total credit card balance exceeds $800 billion.

You should not wallow in despair, either. There’s usually a simple solution, but it depends on your circumstances and your level of patience and persistence. While you won’t qualify for a low-interest loan if your credit score is below 650, you can still make use of short-term loans to improve your credit and handle money pitfalls.

Check out These Excellent Lending Options

What do we mean by short-term borrowing instruments? Lending Bear sponsors numerous loans that don’t take forever to repay and can help you out a jam in various ways. These are the main ones we offer.

Four Lending Options with Lending Bear

1. Payday Loans

  • We have licensing and approval to offer payday loans in multiple states. These are cash advances that borrowers receive, intending to pay back once their paycheck arrives. They do not require a credit check, and are great for covering temporary financial problems.

2. Title Loans

  • A title loan will allow you to offer the title of a significant asset as collateral for a short-term loan. So, if you have a vehicle, boat, or some other piece of property you don’t mind parting with temporarily, this can be a smart way to get fast cash.

3. Installment Loans

  • Installment loans are very popular because they involve a large sum of cash that you can spread out over longer periods if necessary. They’re structured in a way that allows specific repayment amounts at predetermined times.

4. Pawn Loans

  • Pawn loans are a similar concept to title loans, only with less valuable items you leave with us for a little while. This often includes things like electronic equipment, gold, jewelry, firearms, or lawn care equipment. You can bring these items to us for valuation and receive a comparable amount as a short-term loan.

Advantage to Getting Fast Cash, Short-Term Loans

What are some advantages and benefits to taking out short-term credit options like payday loans or title loans?

  • The money arrives fast without bureaucracy and a credit score check.
  • You can use the money as you see fit.
  • It’s easier to qualify compared to conventional loans.
  • You’ll save money by using these to address financial problems rather than ignoring them and racking up fees and interest.

Lending Bear Can You Help Get a Loan, Even with Poor Credit

Lending Bear has 30 years of experience helping folks handle money perils regardless of their credit status. If you have weak or no credit, you can still find prudent ways to utilize fast-cash lending.

Our online application is fast, simple, and hassle free. This is one reason we get so much positive feedback from previous clients who were in the same situation you’re facing. So, contact us today and let us help you devise a way to end poor credit and obtain the money you need.

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