Advantages of Installment Loans⁣

Advantages of Installment Loans⁣

Advantages of Installment Loans⁣

What are the most important advantages to taking out installment loans⁣? Along with payday loans, title loans, and pawn loans, these are one of the core credit instruments we offer our clients. If you’re after a lump sum of cash without lengthy or intrusive credit checks, then you may be a great candidate for an installment loan with Lending Bear.

What are Installment Loans⁣?

This is a loan instrument that lets you receive a lump sum of cash while repaying it at predetermined intervals. It involves a standard fixed rate with payments spread out across a longer time frame rather than a single deadline. People use these all the time to cover financial rainy days like whenever the car breaks down and requires a $1,000 repair for new brake pads.

Lending Bear has licensing to offer these loans in Alabama and Florida. It’s a service we can provide within a matter of minutes because that’s how long it takes to receive approval. You won’t find anything near that efficient in the world of credit cards or traditional lending.

Installment Lending: Most Important Advantages

There are several perks to using installment loans⁣ to pay for an array of expected/unexpected expenses.

  • It’s possible to get larger loans than what you wouldn’t qualify for at a bank. Plus, these come with way fewer strings attached. All you have to do is to pay it back on time, and you won’t incur financial trouble. In fact . . .
  • These loans are a great way to strengthen your credit score. After using this form of lending successfully, you should be able to qualify for better lending rates.
  • Through “installments,” you enjoy a very structured repayment system. This means you’ll know your repayment bill every month. Plus, if you decide you can pay it off faster, there’s always the option for that as well.
  • This is a great method for paying off sudden expenses like automobile repairs, hospital bills, and insurance claim gaps without resorting to credit cards.
  • You can do all of this quickly through our convenient application process. The best part is that it doesn’t take several days. Most of the time, the funds are available within a couple hours.

Other Lucrative Lending Opportunities

If you decide you’d rather explore different lending options, we’d invite you to consider some of our other loan opportunities.

1. Payday Loans

We offer payday loans in states such as Florida and Texas, which give the borrower access to money before they receive their paycheck. It requires no credit screening and all you need is a voided paycheck to start the application.

2. Pawn Loans

Do you have any valuable items around your home to use as collateral for a loan? That’s exactly what you can do with a pawn loan. All you have to do is temporarily part with a few items (jewelry, guns, TVs, electronics, etc.), and you’ll gain fast cash, usually due for repayment within 30 days.

3. Title Loans

Here’s where you can leverage your expensive assets (such as a car) to qualify for quick funding. You can do this to cover a rough expense even when your credit is less than stellar.

Obtain Installment Loans⁣ Fast with Lending Bear

Lending Bear specializes in financial resources that help clients whenever traditional secure lending is unavailable. We can’t call these “low-interest loans,” because they aren’t, but they’re a terrific way to address short-term financial hardship without getting too far into debt.

Our company holds an A+ level of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and full backing by trade groups like the Financial Services Alliance (INFiN). Our clients give us a resounding thumbs-up as well, which you can see with our 4.9/5-star status on Google Reviews. That means legitimate customers found exceptional value from what we offer through our various loan categories.

If you want to learn more about installment loans⁣, then contact Lending Bear today.