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7 Ways to Get Out of Personal Debt

March 26, 2018
7 Ways to Get Out of Personal Debt

When you want to make a purchase that you can’t afford, grabbing your purse or wallet and pulling out a credit card is easy. Having a credit card makes you feel as though you have more money than you do, which is a dangerous way to accumulate personal debt. Credit cards also let you experience the joy of buying new things without the pain of losing your money.

This trap can cause you to get into debt before you spot the warning signs and red flags. In addition to credit card debt, you could have student loans and other debts you need to pay. If you can relate to that problem and don’t want to get bad credit, learning how you can get out of debt will help.

Focus on One Loan or Credit Card at a Time

A lot of people who want to enhance their credit rating and get out of debt try to pay off all of their bills, but that is not wise if they want to get the most from their effort. Going down that path will make it take much longer for you to climb out of the mountain of bills, but you can try something else to take your results to new heights. Rather than paying everything off at one time, focus on taking care of your smallest debts first so that you can gain traction. Once you pay off your smallest loan, you will then have even more money to pay off your second smallest loan, and you will continue the process as long as you need.

Put Your Credit Cards out of Sight

Stop maxing out your credit cards if you would like to be free of debt. Although it makes sense when you first consider it, not using your credit cards can be a challenging goal that is not always easy to reach. You can avoid temptation by putting your credit cards out of sight when you go to the mall or store, making it much easier for you to stay on the correct path. Placing your credit cards in a safe is another step that can enhance your results and help you reach your goals.

Pick up a Side Job to Avoid Personal Debt

Inability to pay your bills can result in bad credit, but you are not powerless when it comes to taking your credit rating to the next level. Picking up a side job and putting all of the money you earn toward your debts is a smart way to improve your credit and reduce your monthly bills, so you should promise yourself that you will only use the extra money for your credit card and loan payments if you don’t want to fall behind.

Ask for Lower Interest Rates

Even though most people never think of this step, picking up the phone and calling the bank can help you get out of debt a little faster. It might be a long shot, but you should ask your lenders if they are willing to lower your interest rates. If you get one of them to agree to grant your request, use the extra money you have saved to pay off your other bills.

Create and Follow a Budget

If you are like many consumers, you believe that you can’t do much to improve your financial situation. Taking a look at each dollar you spend will probably help you see that you spend more money than you need, but that is good news. You can then find ways to reduce your budget and save as much money as possible. Putting every penny you save toward your debt will help you escape from debt sooner than you might suspect.

Sell Items You Don’t Need

From selling a business to selling items you no longer need is another great way to pay off your bills and become debt-free. Put in some effort to search your home, attic and garage for clothes, electronics and other things you don’t need or use and sell them online. The amount of money you can make from this method will probably shock you.

Some people get bad deals because they don’t know the value of their items, but you can stay away from that problem. Always look online to find the value of your belongings before you list them on your sales page. You might not think you can earn much money from this small step, but the value of your unneeded items can add up faster than you think, giving you even more money to pay your bills.

Make Extra Money Online

No matter who you are or what you do, you can find extra ways to make money online. You won’t always earn enough income to quit your normal job, but you can make a lot of money to put toward your credit card and loan payments. Online jobs offer tons of flexibility and let you work on your terms, but you will need dedication if you don’t want to fall behind. You can write articles, design graphics, work as a remote customer service agent and more. You will increase your earning potential as your skills and experience improve.

Final Thoughts

Climbing out of debt to improve your credit won’t be too hard as long as you follow the proper steps. Putting your credit cards away and focusing on one payment at a time will get you moving along the right path. Picking up side jobs and working online are additional ways you can manage debt and reclaim your credit score. Having a plan near the front of your mind won’t always be enough. You must also have the dedication to keep your goals in sight with each step you take. The right plan will reduce your debt and help you manage your finances, letting you know you have made the smart call.