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7 Money-Saving Tips for the Winter Months

January 13, 2019
7 Money-Saving Tips for the Winter Months

If you are like most people, you are getting your heavy blankets and warm clothes out of the closet to prepare for the months of winter. You are also likely checking your budget to make sure you have enough money to cover the costs of staying warm when the snow begins falling. Heating your home to a comfortable temperature is not cheap, and it takes a toll on the environment over time. You can cut costs this winter and help the planet by using these money-saving tips. Some people are shocked to discover how much they can save on their energy bill by using family friendly ideas for the winter. When you give them a try for yourself, you will see the difference and know you have made the right call.

Tip No. 1: Use the Sun for Heat

One of the great money saving tips for the winter most people don’t consider is using the sun for heat during the winter. That mistake can cost them tons of money. No matter where you live, using the sun to stay warm can reduce your energy bill more than you think. Make sure you open your curtains when the sun is facing your home. The direct sunlight will help keep your home warm and reduce the amount of energy you use each month. However, it’s vital you close your curtains at night and when clouds are blocking the sun’s rays. When the sun is not shining on your windows, leaving your curtains open allows heat to escape from your home.

Tip No. 2: Use Heat-Retaining Products Indoors

Another one of the great money saving tips for the winter is rather than only relying on your heater to keep you warm while the snow falls from the sky, turn your attention to heat-retaining products. This step moves you a little closer to your goal without causing you to get uncomfortable. You can try using heavy sweaters and pants while you are inside so that you won’t need to keep the heat up throughout the day. Also, place an extra rug on your floor to insulate the room and improve your results. A lot of people get extra blankets to keep cold air at bay, and you can do the same if you would like to stay warm without breaking your budget.

Tip No. 3: Utilize Ceiling Fans

If your home has ceiling fans, using them is a smart way to retain warm air no matter the time or day. Most people don’t know this fact and miss out on a great opportunity as a result of their oversight. Getting the most from your ceiling fan requires you to know the direction in which it must spin to keep you warm. A counterclockwise rotation will force the warm air back down to heat the room in which you are sitting.

Tip No. 4: Adjust Your Thermostat

While leaving your thermostat at the same temperature all winter might be tempting, it will cost you more money than you likely realize. Reducing your thermostat by 10 degrees for eight hours per day can save you around 10 percent on your energy bill. To take advantage of this fact and keep a little more money in your pocket each month, you can lower your thermostat at night and keep extra blankets on your bed. Reducing the temperature in your home while you are at work is another step along the correct path.

Tip No. 5: Use Selective Heating

Rather than heating every room in your home, only heat the ones you are using. Close the vents in closets and extra rooms that nobody plans to use, and the impact it will have on your energy bill will make you smile.

Tip No. 6: Make Sure Your Vents Are Clean

Blocked vents force your heater to work much harder than normal to keep your home at the temperature you want. Take some time to inspect your vents and to remove dirt and other things that restrict the flow of air. Doing so requires some effort but is worth it when you consider the amount of money you will keep in your pocket each winter, and you will be pleased with what you have achieved.

Tip No. 7: Check for Cracks Under Your Doors and Around Your Windows

When saving money this winter is your mission, check under every door and window in your home. Place your hand near the cracks to determine if cold air is getting into your home and harming your energy bill. If you feel cold air on the back of your hand, use caulk to seal windows and keep the cold air away. Placing a towel by the cracks under your door can prevent cold air from getting inside.

Final Thoughts

Saving money this winter does not need to be a complicated or challenging task. Follow the tips you just learned in this guide to take control of your monthly spending without sacrificing comfort. Most people looking to cut costs this winter can reach their goal without much trouble when they follow the proven advice offered in this guide. These family-friendly ideas for the winter might seem small at first but will grab your attention the second you see them in action.

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