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10 Ways to Save Money With a New Baby

March 15, 2019
10 Ways to Save Money With a New Baby

Raising a child is an amazing experience. It’s also an expensive one. When you have a new baby, these 10 money saving tips can help you keep your costs lower so that you can focus on enjoying your family’s latest addition.

Buy Less Stuff

Walking into a baby department can be overwhelming. Clothes, toys, decorations, bedding, furniture, diaper bags, baby equipment, feeding supplies, and assorted gizmos overflow the shelves. It’s tempting to fill your cart. However, babies grow fast, and their needs change rapidly. Instead of wasting cash on things your baby will barely touch, keep your shopping list short and strategic.

Embrace Hand-me-downs

New and shiny things are appealing, but experienced parents know that hand-me-downs are awesome. Baby stuff occupies a lot of space. As a result, parents are often eager to make room by giving away clothing, toys, and equipment that their little ones have outgrown. While you’ll want to verify that they’re in good condition, gently-used hand-me-downs are free samples. They let you see what works for your child without blowing your newborn budget. What if you don’t have a friend or family member who is eager to pass along their baby stuff? Consignment shops and yard sales can fill the gap. You may also find parents selling lightly used items at a bargain price at various websites.

Chose Multitasking Items

Why do so many parents who use disposable diapers consider cloth diapers invaluable? They’re ideal for multiple uses. You can toss one over your shoulder to shield your clothing from spit-up, uses it to wipe up spills or hide behind it for a rousing game of peekaboo. If you want to save money, look for multitasking items that offer great value. Why buy four things when one can get the job done?

Enlist Everyday Things

You can buy a snazzy, new diaper bag, or you can reuse a backpack or tote bag that you already have. Store-bought teething rings are great, but clean washcloths that have been dampened and frozen also soothe sore gums. Electronic toys are exciting, but many babies are equally thrilled by spoons and other household items. Sometimes, you’ll need to stick to shopping in the baby department for safety reasons. However, there are many situations where an everyday item will work just as well.

Opt for Reusable Over Disposable

Bibs are standard attire for a new baby. You can find packs of disposable ones in the stores, but you’ll be buying a lot of them if you go that route. Cloth bibs are cute, colorful and washable. More importantly, you’ll be able to use them repeatedly, so you’ll be able to purchase fewer of them. Yes, there are certain situations where it’s a relief to simply dispose of an item. However, choosing reusable baby gear when it’s workable will put less stress on your newborn budget.

Limit Ready-made Foods

Convenience comes at a cost, and it’s easy to see that cost when you’re planning your little one’s menu. If you’re feeding with formula or baby cereal, you’ll find everything from powders that need to be mixed to portions that are ready to serve. Generally speaking, the less prep a product requires, the more it will cost you. To keep your food budget in check, steer clear of ready-made products. Instead, choose healthy, high-quality options that you prepare yourself.

Do Your Research

Manufacturers work hard to convince you that their product is the solution to your problems. Unfortunately, many products don’t live up to the hype. Researching potential purchases by reading reviews or talking to other parents can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Skip Brand Names

With major brands, you’re often paying for the name. While their packaging may not be as appealing, store brands are often equal in quality. They also tend to have lower prices. Giving no-name products a try can be a great way to keep costs low.

Use Coupons and Sales

It’s a mistake to assume that brand-name products are always more expensive. Coupons and sales can slash the price on these goods, so there may be times when major brands are actually the better deal. If only a brand-name product will do, timing your purchases for when you have a coupon or there’s a sale will reduce your costs.

Buy Early

When you realize that you’re out of diapers at 2 a.m., you aren’t going to go out of your way to get the best price. Utilizing money saving tips is much easier when you have the time to do so, so try to avoid waiting until the last minute to make necessary purchases.

Welcoming a new baby will bring major changes to your household budget, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Shopping thoughtfully and making the most of cost-saving suggestions can help you keep your expenses on track.

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